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Xmas drabbles - part 1

Happy Holidays, everyone! Whoo, I certainly had a lovely Christmas! Fun with family, movies, food, wrapping paper fight, a new teapot. All that good stuff.

And for all of you, I have holiday drabbles. This is the first half, and the rest will be posted sometime tomorrow New Year's Day (ETA: Sorry!! *fail*). :D

Title: Drunken Ramblings
Fandom: Biblical fiction
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: female!Asmodeus/female!Raphael
Summary: Asmodeus helps an accidently drunk Raphael.
Notes: Written for jestana who requested Asmodeus/Raphael with the prompt "genderbender".

On one very memorable New Years Eve at the cusp of a new millennium, Asmodeus led an unexpectedly drunk Raphael into a side room at a hotel. While angels and demons continued to mingle in the main room under the vague auspices of diplomacy, Asmodeus sat her angelic counterpart down on a navy upholstered couch.

"I didn't realize Bailey's Irish Cream was sho strong," Raphael sighed miserably.

Asmodeus seated herself on the plush couch, lounging back against the cushions after adjusting her sexy black dress. "You'll recover. Hopefully your healing powers will work on hangovers too."

"You're being awfully nicesh," the angel slurred. "But Uriel will shlap you like a lot if you're just trying to, y'know, get me 'lone..."

"Please," Asmodeus scoffed. "You just walked into a table less than a minute ago, tripped over the carpet edge, and you sound blitzed. Not exactly a mood enhancer."

Raphael glared at Asmodeus but the expression was somewhat lessened by the angel's lack of sobriety. "Y'know..." she eventually said, with the soupy profoundness that only a drunk person can manage, "you have really small breasts considering you're the Archdemon of Lust and all and, uh, stuff."

Asmodeus's lips thinned, and her left eye twitched a little. "If you weren't drunk, I'd sock you one..."

"'M sorry..."

Asmodeus was about to berate the other being further, but then a much better idea occurred to her. The demon grinned slyly, asking, "So you've been ogling my breasts, healer?"

Raphael blushed scarlet then. "N-no! I jush, er...noticed 's all."

"Ogling," Asmodeus taunted in a sing-song voice.

"Did not!" Raphael protested, standing up, but the movement was too sudden, and she swayed unsteadily on her feet. "Ooh..."

"Ah, don't get yourself worked up," Asmodeus tsked, pulling her companion back onto the couch.

"I feel dizzy..." the angel groaned.

Asmodeus pressed lightly on Raphael's back, and urged her to bend forward. "Just put your head between your knees. It'll help a little."

"Thanks..." Raphael replied pitifully.


Title: Another New Year
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: PG
Pairing: Harry Potter/Neville Longbottom
Summary: Harry and Neville decide on their New Year's resolutions.
Notes: Written for proudpansy who requested Neville/Harry with the prompt "yule or New Year's/resolutions".

Neville was going to try to be more like Harry Potter.

Every year Neville would look at the people in his life, pick one person, and try to adopt some of that person's best qualities. Like having a part time role model.

Courage, determination, standing up for himself...

They were all traits of Harry's that Neville felt worth emulating. And who knew, if Neville could become braver, maybe he would finally be able to tell Harry that he had feelings for him.

Harry was going to try to be more like Neville Longbottom.

Every year Harry liked to write down his New Year's resolutions. He never showed them to anyone, but he kept the little folded paper anyway. It was like a totem for him or maybe a good luck charm.

This year he wrote things like "be calmer", "don't let people (Snape and Malfoy) bait me", "don't waste energy fighting people who won't listen anyway", "try to follow the school rules better"...

...all the things about Neville that Harry admired. They were just some of the many qualities that attracted Harry to the other boy.

And maybe, Harry thought, just maybe this year I'll finally ask him out.

That last one was probably not a resolution that would come true, but well...it didn't hurt to write it down.

On January 2nd, Neville bumped into Harry in the Gryffindor common room.

"Hey, Harry."

"Happy New Year, Neville," the other boy replied with a grin.

"Thanks." Neville sat down on the couch next to his crush. "Made any good New Year's resolutions?"

Harry shrugged, shutting his Quidditch book and using his thumb as a placeholder. "Oh, you know, the usual. Do better in academics. All that. You?"

Sitting so close to Harry, Neville managed not to blush or stutter or do anything embarrassing. "Pretty much the same," he lied.


Title: Positive Thinking
Fandom: Biblical fiction
Rating: PG
Pairing: Lucifer and Gabriel (can be gen or slash depending on how ya want to see it)
Summary: Lucifer and Gabriel run into each other in modern day New York City.
Notes: Written for cattygabriel with the prompt "Gabriel with either Michael or Lucifer".

It's in a New York cafe the day before Christmas that Gabriel ran into Lucifer. Coffees in hand, they had both reached for a carafe of milk, and their hands bumped, bare skin brushing against soft wool.

The Archangel Gabriel had drawn back, expression wavering between shock and suspicion. "I...er. Lucifer."

"Gabriel," Lucifer replied evenly. He took the angel's hesitation as an opportunity to use the milk first, white liquid swirling down into his coffee. "I'll start with the usual preamble, I'm not here to fight or on any official business. Just passing through."

Gabriel fixed the demon with a wary stare. "Should you not be down in Hell handling whatever administrative things you do there...?"

"Hell won't collapse if I'm gone for half a day. Asmodeus and Beelzebub are amply capable of running the show with no need for me breathing down the backs of their necks. As for myself, I needed a bit of R&R."

"I find it hard to picture you feeling restless and overworked."

"Happens to all of us, Gabe," Lucifer replied with a careless shrug. Seeing the angel relax and come closer, the Devil offered him the milk. "You don't exactly seem to be here on Heavenly business yourself. Sightseeing?"

"Fair point," the angel conceded, taking the proffered milk and adding some to his own little paper go cup.

Gabriel set the carafe back down, and the two immortals stood together, silent and off to the side. Gabriel wanted to say something, and Lucifer almost seemed to be waiting for him to do so, but the angel was unsure. He did not often see his brother even for diplomatic things, and being here now, so close, made his heart ache. It was dull and muted, like the phantom soreness where an amputated limb used to be. A feeling of loss that never really went away. "I...I always admired the way you took your responsibility to Hell so seriously," Gabriel finally managed, just saying the first thing that came to mind.

Lucifer raised an eyebrow, quirked lips only a little bit away from a laugh. "Indeed? Would you care to elaborate on that non sequitur?"

"Er," Gabriel smiled and fought to hide his embarrassment. "I just mean that I respect your loyalty."

"What, honor among thieves?" the Devil scoffed. "I assure you I am not oh-so-noble and loyal. There is plenty of backstabbing and subterfuge in Hell, and I have never made an effort to stamp out such practices. Or refrain from engaging in them myself."

Gabriel's smile faltered, but he tried his best to hold on to it. "Is it so much trouble to just allow me to think the best of you? Even if it's not true?"

"I thought Heavenly policy was all about truth."

The angel sighed exasperatedly. Because his particularly role in the Divine Plan kept him mostly in Heaven, Gabriel did not often speak conversationally with demons, but when he did, it was always circular like this. "I am an individual, Archangel or no, and regardless of what Heaven may except as official mandate, I refuse to believe that the Fallen or even devils retain no shred of goodness."

Lucifer sneered, but said nothing.

"I mean that," Gabriel pressed. "We're more than just our affiliations. Surely?"

"That faith in a shared commonality is your weakness," the Devil countered. "I look forward to the day when it leads you to join our ranks."

"That day will never come," Gabriel replied, gently but firmly.

Lucifer chuckled, pulling his gloves on and getting ready to leave the cafe. "All the same, I too will continue to think the best, even if it never proves true."


holiday drabbles part 2
Tags: biblical fiction, fanfiction: harry potter, fic/drabble requests, pairing: asmodeus/raphael, pairing: lucifer/gabriel
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