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die Autourin
1 December 1988
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Welcome to my writing journal!

Here is where I post my fiction: art and writing, original and fanfiction...whatever floats my boat. The majority of it is slash with smaller amounts of gen, femmeslash, and het. If this last sentence makes no sense to you, you may not want to be here... o_O Also, I started this journal in January 2004, when I was a first year in high school. Soooo the older entries tend to be more lacking in quality. XD

Primary topics:
  • Biblical mythology (specifically demons and angels [for those of ya looking for the Asmodeus/Raphael stories, you found 'em, lol])

  • history (WWII, French and Indian War, and French Revolution)

  • various fandoms (Red Dragon, 1776, Underworld, Kung Fu Panda, Rise of the Guardians, and a scattering of others)

To navigate through the entries, I highly recommend using the tags.

Most entries are public, but mature content (R-rated and up or as otherwise decided by me) is marked Friends Only so I'll need to friend you if you want to see that. I try to keep an eye on my profile to see who friends me, but often I forget to check so your best bet is to leave a comment here.

I also roleplay. Info about that is over here.

I am the creator/maintainer of lecter_slash.
I am the banner maker at 1776_contest.

My Claims!

     Kraven/Soren (from Underworld)
     Asmodeus/Raphael (from the Bible)

     Rutledge's cravat
     "Are you calling me a madman, you...you FRIBBLE?!"
     "I have come to the conclusion that one useless man is called a disgrace, that two are called a law firm, and that three or more become a Congress!"
     John Adams/Edward Rutledge

Four of my 1776 fics won at 1776_contest

Historical Blog Crew:

[x] Charles Dickens
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[x] Adolf Hitler
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